Wednesday, November 5, 2008


From the Almost Perfect agenda:

"The theme of this year’s Almost Perfect residency is ‘Call and Response’, suggesting not only artistic responses to particular places or environments, but also the extended conversations or dialogues (i.e., ‘media ecologies’) that emerge when works of locative media intervene to create complex interactions between people, technology, and places. This topic seems particularly relevant, given that mobile and location-based media are now exerting their expressions and impacts within virtually all global environments, and are on the verge of becoming an integrated part of the planet’s complex ecology, with ‘everyware’ technologies such as sensor microprocessors and wireless networks pervasively lodged into everything from buildings and household objects to wild landscapes and remote terrain, enmeshing the world within an enveloping field of information, potentially connecting us to everything else and affecting our experience and perceptions of time, space and place in profound ways."

"This open design workshop invites participants to explore the interactive dialogue between people, locative media and places via a fun and simple creative exercise in which we will form into small groups, wander the terrain around The Banff Centre, and brainstorm ideas for invisible location-based sculptures. Inspiration for this workshop draws upon diverse sources, from the notions of geo-hacking and locative media put forward in William Gibson’s Spook Country, to mythology and biomimicry, to venerable traditions of land art and nature poetry. Please come prepared to walk outside again and explore the landscape of Banff."

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