Monday, November 24, 2008

Gremlin-infested Positioning System

With open studios around the corner I've been wondering how this project is going to received. It's a little out there conceptually, but I've heard people say that the intro video (sort of a last minute consideration) really puts the things you experience into context. Essentially I want users to be able to experince hybrid tracking technology as if the gremlins are the only thing preventing it from working properly. Today I decided that since the GPS zones all seem to work it was about time to have participants try it. It was a semi-guided tour. Even with technical glitches (irony aside) it seemed to be a compelling enough experience. So with more participants trying the system tomorrow I can't wait to see more reactions. The picture is an early attempt at turning Sulphur Mountain into a Volcano (one of the many uncomfortable situations the Gremlins inflict on the user).

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