Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Installing opencv 2.0.0 through macports... Piece of cake or Pain and misery?

ARRGH! Okay now that out of my system... I hope someone finds this post useful.


"If you encounter errors, try installing its dependents with +universal whenever possible."

Great... but what if that doesn't solve your problem.

Mac OS 10.5.8, Macports 1.9.1, OpenCV 2.0.0
Perhaps this is a naive approach, I've since learned about checking "port variants opencv" so perhaps "port variants lame" would have turned up a helpful clue... but this is what I did to solve my issues. Take it or leave it.

My first error:

:info:build xmm_quantize_sub.c:37:23: error: xmmintrin.h: No such file or directory

If this error looks familiar it's because LAME didn't build (LAME 3.98.4).

"If I run make immediately after configure, it fails. What I have to do
to make successfully is to first comment out the following line in


Taken From http://www.opensource-archive.org/archive/index.php/t-88245.html

Tried even setting the define to 0 but that didn't work, so commenting it out may be your only option. Let's try building opencv again...

AND... Ka-blamo... another error. This ones worse than the first. It seems to be with ORC (formerly liboil) 0.4.5

It has no idea what the function get_cpuid is, any why should it? It's supposed to know better thanks to ifdef __APPLE__, right?

Look at the bottom of orccpu-x86.c (in the macports work directory).
//orc_cpu_detect_kernel_support ();

#ifdef USE_I386_CPUID
return orc_mmx_detect_cpuid ();

Oops, if I'm reading this right then regardless of whether it's been defined Apple it's still going looking for the get_cpuid function because we're on an intel Mac. Naughty, naughty. Let's comment those out and cross our fingers.

orc_mmx_get_cpu_flags(void) { //orc_cpu_detect_kernel_support (); #ifdef USE_I386_CPUID return orc_mmx_detect_cpuid ();

There's another one in the matching function orc_sse_get_cpu_flags(void) too. Make sure you get both and "orc" will compile.

This post likely explains why the error may not appear for some people (looks like it depends on which assembly compiler you are using, but I'm guessing that this is a bonafide bug).:

Okay, so far so good, ffmpeg is the last to go... Totally expecting it to crash and burn.

Oh, okay, that worked. It's building and installing opencv now. Could I possibly be that lucky? Guess I'll have to build a project in Xcode and find out.

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